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UK Demand Map


Our UK demand map depicts the hotspot locations across the UK for both Analog and Digital IC Design roles. Based on positions our semiconductor team is currently recruiting for, the map gives insight to the locations with the most employment opportunity as of right now and where job seekers should be looking to secure their next role within the semiconductor industry.

Interestingly, we have almost double the amount of silicon design teams in Cambridge today than in 2016 alone. The mix of the new companies across the UK is what is most exciting – we have UK based start-ups, we have foreign investment from the US, China, Israel and Europe. We have seen investment in sites in both Bracknell and Swindon. The investment isn’t restricted to the perennial semiconductor hubs of Cambridge and Bristol; we have new sites, teams and companies in London, the Thames Valley, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Wales.



There have been a number of new start-up companies in the UK, which is great news for the industry. Driving innovation and the setting up of new design centres is always welcome, after all without start-ups, where would the world of technology be? There have been 4 new start-up companies doing Analog IC Design opening up in Cambridge in the last 18 months alone! This puts Cambridge in the top ranking for the highest concentration of Analog IC Design companies in the UK. Other hot spots include the Thames Valley, M4 Corridor, Southampton and Edinburgh.



As ever, Bristol and Cambridge are the hot spots of silicon design activity and create demand for Digital Design, ASIC Verification and Physical Design Engineers. Bristol in particular is home to a number of major multinationals as well as a number of exciting start-ups who are all actively recruiting for talented chip designers. On the other side of the country, innovation in Cambridge continues to thrive and we’re working with a number of fascinating entrepreneurial start-ups looking to expand. Machine learning, AI and processor development are undoubtedly a main focus as we move towards intelligent machines, and we need to find the people to drive this fascinating technology forward.