20 reasons to live and work in Munich

By Dominik Nibler


San Francisco, New York, London, Los Angeles … Munich?

Yes, Munich. With excellent universities, respected research establishments and a thriving community of tech start-ups and established multinationals, more people are moving to Munich to pursue careers, or find a different pace of life. Home to our second largest office in Germany's 3rd largest city we are at the heart of a thriving tech hub with a rich history.

In 2015, the Free State of Bavaria launched the ZD.B (Centre for Digitisation. Bavaria) to drive digital transformation. Since then, state-backed activities and private enterprise initiatives have attracted businesses such as Accenture, Adobe, Google, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon and RedHat to the capital city of Bavaria.

Here are 20 reasons why talented technology employees are upping sticks to live life Deutsche style.

  • Plenty of career opportunities, whether you are looking for niche start-ups or global organisations.
  • Already home to over 22,000 Information and communication companies.
  • An average 35-hour working week, 20% less than the average working week here in the UK.
  • 9 public holidays a year and a legal entitlement to 20 days of paid holiday.
  • Germany was ranked seventh in The Independent’s global list of best countries to raise a child, with parents able to share 14 months of paid leave and a guarantee that their position will remain open to them.
  • Renting in Munich costs less than many other European technology hubs.
  • With universities and respected research establishments, there are plenty of opportunities to advance your knowledge and learning of your area.
  • A cost of living index of 95, that’s 13.58% lower than London.
  • Cheaper beer. Let’s face it Bavaria and Beer go together with burgers and fries.
  • Celebrate Oktoberfest in style, without having to travel.
  • Rent a two-bed apartment for between €800 and €1200 per month.
  • Fly from the UK to Munich in under two hours, for as little as £50 (depending when and where from, of course).
  • Be inspired by a land that has inspired great composers from Bach to Beethoven, Wagner to Brahms, and writers such as Goethe and Herman Hesse.
  • Munich is reported to have one of the best public transport systems in the world.
  • Enjoy the outdoors with a more temperate climate than the UK, with lows of -20 degrees in winter, and highs of 35 degrees in summer.
  • Focus more on an environmentally friendly lifestyle. In Germany, there’s a big push towards greener living with over 50% of the country’s electricity produced from solar sources, such as roof top panels.
  • Munich is home to 4% of Germany’s entire cultural and creative industry.
  • An increasing number of venture capital companies are basing themselves in Munich, making it a hotbed for innovation – just in case you have any bright ideas!
  • Munich hosts many of the tech exhibitions from Semicon Europa to Electronica and beyond.
  • Because, with a lower cost of living, greater opportunities, and a more temperate climate, there’s no reason not to!

If you feel it’s time for a change and are looking for the right opportunity within the technology industry to live and work in Munich, get in touch to find out how we can help you. From finding the right role, to sharing advice on finding the right place to live and securing any required visas, our experienced consultants are there to help make each step a little bit easier.

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