21st Century Recruitment

By Victoria Fellows


Will the 21st Century see the Death of the modern Recruitment Agent?

IC Resources founder Neil Dickins was invited to join a panel of experts for a debate on modern recruitment marketing, where they discussed whether they believe the role of the recruitment agent will become redundant in the near future. You can watch the highlights below. 

After the debate, each panel member was invited to share their views and top tips relating to a particular area of expertise. 

– Our own founder and director Neil Dickins, on the value of using a specialist recruiter

– Laura Wigley, Talent and Learning Director, Dorchester Collection, on the cost saving benefits of social media recruitment

– Joe Wiggins, Head of Communications (Europe), Glassdoor , on how to develop passionate employee advocates

– Angela Hood, CEO, ThisWay Global, on recruiting a diverse workforce 

Southerly CEO, Shelley Hoppe, on how companies can secure the best talent when recruiting.



Neil Dickins

Neil was asked what the role of the recruitment agent is in the digital age. While it’s easy to assume the role of the recruitment agent nowadays plays second fiddle to the marketer that uses targeted recruitment content, Neil explains how the two worlds should collaborate, and how the recruitment agent comes into their own when trying to find specialist or niche candidates.


Laura Wigley

Southerly talks to Laura Wigley, Global Director of Learning and Talent at the Dorchester Collection. Watch Laura offer her top tips on using recruitment marketing to reach, engage and recruit leading candidates.


Joe Wiggins

Video four in the series is a one-to-one chat with Joe Wiggins, Head of Communications (Europe) at recruitment specialist Glassdoor, who was only too happy to discuss why he believes it is essential that companies develop passionate employee advocates.


Angela Hood

Technology like that developed by ThisWay Global can ensure that recruiters and HR managers can reach and speak to the very best candidate for a particular role, regardless of background or circumstance.

In this video, founder of ThisWay Global - Angela Hood shares her three top tips for recruitment. Watch the video here:


Shelley Hoppe

Southerly's own CEO, Shelley Hoppe, who offers insights into how companies can secure the best talent when recruiting, the importance of appealing to the right people and why it pays to present an honest and accurate employer brand when seeking fresh blood.

Hosted by our friends at Southerly | The Creative Content Agency

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