5 Reasons to love Analog IC Design

By Neil Dickins


In a world where technology is ubiquitous, businesses are adapting and learning how to integrate technology into their processes. As a result, there has been an unprecedented growth in the global demand for skilled Analog / Mixed Signal and RF IC Design Engineers. Without these engineers, technological progress would stall. From the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to sleep, we use Analog technology in every aspect of our lives.

IC Resources is one of the global leaders in Analog/MS/RF IC Design recruitment. We see no reduction in demand for IC designers in 2022. The exciting thing for our industry and therefore IC design professionals, is that the need for Analog, RF and mixed signal ICs is spreading into so many new industries. Space exploration and communications, low power remote IoT monitoring, the fight to save the planet through electrification and smart cities, 5G rollout and access to data in developing nations.... these are the 'hot markets' that are driving the skills demand and ensuring that semiconductor design remains an excellent career for many years to come. ­

Here are some reasons why Analog IC is great:

1.Work on cutting edge technology and make an impact on the world we live in today

  • The Analog IC industry can offer a career working some of the most fascinating and exciting technologies, from 5G, Aerospace tech, Smartphones, Tablet PCs, Portable media devices and many more. Click here to see some of the companies we are working with. Analog technology is used in industries which are driving our societies forward, whether that be in the medical, aerospace or telecommunication industry. 

    2. Analog IC offers highly competitive salaries and working arrangements – Check our salary guide to see more
  • We have seen that with this growth in demand, companies have been offering engineers better basic salaries, better bonus packages and more flexibility with working remotely.

    3. Analog is the future
  • 2021 saw governments realise something that everyone in the semis world has known for years: SEMICONDUCTORS RUN THE WORLD. As a result, this has led to governments in the UK and Europe recognising the value of a semiconductor engineer and how fundamental they are to their economies. The market demand for Analog IC Design Engineers is creating a vast array of market opportunities that have never been seen before.

    4. Analog is a fascinating, exciting and a highly challenging field
  • A career in Analog IC keeps employees on their toes and challenge them as technology constantly develops while being at the forefront of the constantly evolving industry. Check out the exciting opportunities to work with our clients in the UK, Europe and North America. There are a vast and growing array of exciting opportunities to choose from.  – Check our website to see more.
  • The real world revolves around Analog signals and the main innovative industries all need Analog IC Design Engineers to create new technologies. From the satellite and space industry to the Internet of Things, Smart Cities, and the automotive industry, they all rely on Analog devices for technological upgrades. 

    5. Industry skills shortage means more companies are able to offer sponsorship
  • There has been a rise in visa sponsorships and an influx of engineers migrating across to Europe or the UK. As a result, work visas for semiconductor designers are becoming easier to obtain. So, if you have friends in IC design that you'd like to be your new neighbour, this is a good time to encourage them to relocate. Our city guides are a good starting point if you need to sell them the dream! 

The concern over the lack of young professionals coming into the industry is shared by our founder Neil Dickins, and Stew Edmondson - CEO of UKSEF. This is an organisation encouraging secondary school students to study electronics and undergraduate students who are already studying electronics. 

Very few Electronic Engineering student undergrads seem to progress into Analog IC Design upon graduation. Our view is that because they have no 'real world' experience of Analog IC design, they don’t see how challenging and rewarding a career in Analog IC Design can be.

Therefore, to encourage and support undergraduate electronics students, we are seeking Analog IC professionals who would be willing to volunteer as mentors. We are putting a plan in place to create a program that will allow motivated students to receive hands-on Analog IC design experience, with the goal of increasing the number of graduates choosing Analog IC design as a career.

If you would like to become a mentor and you'd like to see talented young engineers follow in your professional footsteps please contact me on

Or to see our current Analog IC Design roles please click here.


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