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For the love of Analog IC design

By Neil Dickins


It’s Cool

The world is split into two types of people – those who know about electronics and those who don’t. Tell someone from the former camp that you’re an Analog IC Designer and they’ll go “Whoa, that’s so cool, that’s the magic black box stuff I could never understand. Art and science in perfect harmony!”. If someone from the latter camp asks what you do, don’t say “Analog IC Design”, say “IC Design……Analog IC Design” like “Bond…James Bond”. They will have no idea what you’re talking about, but they’ll go “Aaaah…cool”. (It’s all in the delivery BTW. You might want to practice in front of the mirror).

It’s Cold

Because sensors and RF links now need to operate in extreme conditions, some designs need to be robust at -40C. That’s cold.

It’s Hot

There has never been a greater shortage of Analog IC Design Engineers. All tech careers are hot, but this is the hottest.

It’s Solid

Pretty much all new technology platforms depend on analog electronics. Analog IC Design has been a solid career for the last 40 years. We see that continuing for the next 40.

It’s Liquid

Whether it’s Space, Comms, Electrification, ADAS, Smart Cities, it doesn’t matter what industry it is, you’re in demand. So you can … flow … like a liquid …. from one industry to the next (OK OK this category is a stretch but we had to maintain the structure of the piece or we’d have had thousands of complaints. We’ll make up for it with the next one, which is a really clever play on words.)

It’s a Gas

Analog IC Design is fun. It’s challenging and always evolving, two of the most important factors in making an engineering career rewarding in the long run. 

It’s Hard

The complexity of the design challenge makes Analog IC Design hard. Therefore, the people who can do it are highly valued and earn salaries in the region of 15-35% higher than most other design engineers of similar seniority.

It’s Easy

It’s easy to see why, to celebrate Valentines, we are moved to become all poetical:

Roses are Red

Engineers are groovy

We love Analog IC Design

Like it’s a romantic movie.

Happy Valentines Day 2022! For more information please read our recent blog here. Or, to see our current Analog IC Design roles please click here.

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