Embedded World Exhibition and Conference 2022

By Rebecca Goss


On the 20th of June, three of our consultants travelled to Nuremberg for the Embedded World Exhibition and Conference 2022 from June 21-23rd. Rebecca Goss, Adrian Wagstaff and Dominik Nibler spent three days absorbing all the information, listening to ideas and being inspired by the innovation that was being shared at the event.   

We caught up with Rebecca to find out more about the event. Read what she has to say below! 

What’s the event?  

Embedded World is an annual event where international experts meet to create a distinctive information forum for the Embedded Industry. This year there were 724 exhibitors from 39 different countries. This event has been running for 20 years now, and this year it was both virtual and in-person, allowing people to check into the event from anywhere in the world.  

On the first day of the event, awards are presented to the winning companies who have made ‘outstanding contributions to the development of technology and submitted innovative products in the categories: Embedded Vision, Hardware, Software, Safety and Security, Tools and Start-up.

The list of nominees can be found here. 

Who was there? 

It was an incredibly busy year for me this year. This event is an amazing opportunity for me to meet a vast majority of my clients under one roof.  

I managed to catch up with TrustInSoft, who due to COVID, I have never been able to meet face-to-face with despite working alongside them since 2020.  

I also managed to see: 

Why attend? 

Although I spent most of the time building my relationships with existing clients, it is also a complete networking experience. There is the opportunity to meet new clients and candidates.  

The event runs from 9 am-6 pm each day, which allows for plenty of time for professional socialising. Getting to know people really does open new avenues for you. There were plenty of people who were referring friends, family and colleagues to me who I can assist in their job search, talent search or who a colleague of mine at IC Resources will be able to assist.  

When you are at an event, it is imperative to immerse yourself in it to yield the best results on a professional and personal level.  

Any thoughts and take-aways? 

This year there was a huge buzz around the event. Pre-Covid, some had questioned the value-added from events, but due to not being able to attend face-to-face for a few years, there was a general excitement to be back amongst a group of people who are passionate about the same thing as you, and it shone through everyone.  

Next year I feel will be even bigger as people's nerves are calmed and their faith in in-person events restored.  The next date for the embedded community is 14 - 16 March 2023.

Helpful hints to future attendees? 

  1. Wear comfortable shoes! Rebecca walked 67,000 steps while at the event, which is just shy of 30 miles. That is the same as walking the whole of The Las Vegas Strip seven times, walking over a third of Hadrian's Wall and walking the height of Kilimanjaro eight times! 

  1. Keep your business cards handy. No one wants the embarrassment of having to trawl through their bag looking for a business card to hand to a potential new customer or client. 

  1. Take your own water with you. The queues at the cafes were really long and I didn’t want to spend a large part of my time waiting in line.  

  1. Explore Nuremberg in the evenings. It is famous for its historical landmarks such as its castle and the walled Old Town. The restaurants are exquisite and I can recommend Restaurant Oberkrainer am Hauptmarkt which overlocks St Lorenz Square.  

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Photo credit: NürnbergMesse

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