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How an Agency Can Maximise Your Job Search

By Tom Huggins


Looking for a new job can be an intimidating process.

Where do you start?

You’re faced with dozens of job boards with thousands of jobs listings, and you’re hoping that you’re searching the right words in the right locations to bring up the right job for you. This can be an unwieldy task and a time consuming one at that. If you haven’t considered it already, a specialist recruitment agency might be a welcome addition to your job search. But what exactly does an agency offer you?

Expert Industry Knowledge and Connections
Specialist recruitment agencies will have a network of connections that will go far beyond what you’ll have access to on a regular job board. The best agencies will have an extensive list of companies they’ve built up a great relationship with over years by making successful placements. Specialist agencies in particular will have a great understanding of your industry and be able to talk to you about the specifics of your previous and potential job roles, with a greater insight into what it takes to get you hired within your industry.
Additionally, many companies will work exclusively with agencies to fill their vacancies and not advertise anywhere else, thus it’s advantageous to work with a specialist recruitment agency that has the right connections to maximise your job hunting opportunities.

Professional Representation
When you apply for a job with an agency, you’re not just another CV amongst hundreds that are landing in the inbox of a recruiting manager at the company you’re applying for. Recruiters will put you forward for roles while talking up your strengths and abilities, explaining why you’re a good match for their vacancy. This elevates your application beyond what a CV alone can achieve.
This is also true when it comes to negotiating your offer. Getting the best offer possible can be both challenging and intimidating. Working with a recruitment consultant allows you to be completely honest about your aspirations in regards to wage and benefits, who can then translate this in a professional manner to your potential new employer. They do this every single day and know exactly how to best convey your needs as a candidate.

CV Advice and Interview Support
While recruitment agencies will often take a large part of the job hunting workload off from the candidate, such as finding ideal job matches, negotiations and chasing feedback, there are two components of the process they can’t do. The CV and the interviews. Fortunately they can still greatly assist with both.

The best recruiters will detail how you can improve your CV and tune it for certain job applications. This may involve re-ordering things, altering the layout or getting you to go into more detail about a specific aspect of a previous job role to give you the best chance of securing an interview. When it comes to the interview, you can ask the recruiter on what to expect and how to best prepare, which can go a long way to settling the nerves in what would otherwise be a big unknown beforehand.
You will also find many agencies will have various tips and advice pages on their websites that they can point you to. At IC Resources, we are frequently publishing such content, as well as industry and career focused articles that you might find helpful (you can find them here).

It’s Free
As a job seeker, recruitment agencies are completely free. You gain access to expert industry knowledge, professional representation and CV and interview advice at no cost. There are very few instances in business where you’ll gain this level of service for no charge. If you’re a believer in time is money, a recruitment agency could save you a great deal of time as you’ll have additional people trying to find you the right job.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It
Still unsure? If you want further convincing that a specialist tech and software recruitment agency is a worthy addition to your job hunting arsenal, check out our testimonials here or view our Google reviews here.

We’re passionate about technology, recruitment and most importantly, offering the highest standard of service for both our clients and candidates, and our reputation matches it. Contact us for an off the record chat today - or call us on +44 (0)118 988 1150.

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