The working woman's survival guide

By Marta Robjohns


If you feel that you are short of running away or that you are about to have a nervous breakdown do not stop reading this. 

For most of us working women, the days follow each other without a solution of continuity. They start early, finish late… The question is how to best spend the years of so much physical, emotional and psychological demand whilst enjoying it! Hopefully my survival guide for working mums or frazzled mums will help…

When you feel overwhelmed….. Bombarded by demands, expectations and deadlines, it’s easy to feel like we are facing more than we can handle at times.

Here, six steps that will take you from paralysed to powerful:

1. Make a list. 

  • Jotting down everything you need to do helps you see the true scope of what you’re facing. For each item, write steps you need to finish it, then focus on what the next step is. Consider crossing off tasks you feel you should do but don’t want to do.

2. Ask Yourself, “What matters most?” 

  • Set priorities based on importance and urgency—what needs to happen today, what can be done next week and what you can put off indefinitely.

3. Focus. 

  • Once you’ve picked a task to complete, practice total engagement. Turn your phone to mute and shut down email so you can give it your full attention.

4. Set time limits. 

  • Dedicate a certain amount of time (say, 20 minutes) to each task. Set a timer and stay put until you hear the ping.

5. Just say no. 

  • Practice saying “no, thank you” politely and firmly and with as few words as possible. Whether turning down a business-lunch invitation or a playdate for your son, don’t justify the no with a detailed explanation. Still not comfortable saying no? Try saying “I wish I could, but”—it’s a softer version.

6. Enjoy your family and your job.

  • Happy mums make happy employees and vice versa.

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