Unveiling the future - key takeouts from CES 2024

By Victoria Fellows


As the world's premier tech showcase, CES has showcased many groundbreaking innovations and futuristic technologies. From smart homes to artificial intelligence, the event provided a glimpse into the next wave of technological advancements. Let's take a look at some of the key takeaways from CES 2024 this week in Las Vegas.

  1. 5G revolution: CES 2024 has been a testament to the power of 5G technology. Exhibitors such as Qualcomm showcased their latest advancements, unveiling faster, more reliable connectivity that promises to revolutionise our industries. Qualcomm's Snapdragon X70 5G Modem-RF System demonstrated the potential for lightening-fast speeds, enabling seamless connectivity for a wide range of applications.

  2. AI in every corner: Artificial Intelligence continued to dominate CES, permeating various sectors. One standout exhibitor, IBM, showcased their latest AI-driven solutions, emphasising the role of artificial intelligence in transforming industries. IBM's Watson AI demonstrated its prowess in healthcare with innovative applications for personalised medicine and predictive analytics.

  3. Immersive reality takes centre stage: Exhibitors like Meta (formerly Facebook) pushed the boundaries of immersive reality. Meta's Horizon Worlds showcased the metaverse's potential, providing a glimpse into a connected virtual world where users can interact, work, and play. The advancements in augmented and virtual reality exhibited at CES 2024 hinted at a future where digital experiences seamlessly blend with reality.

  4. Smart homes redefined: Companies like Samsung and LG redefined the concept of smart homes. Samsung's SmartThings demonstrated a comprehensive smart home ecosystem, integrating appliances, security systems and more. LG showcased their AI-powered ThinQ technology, offering a glimpse into the future of intelligent, interconnected living spaces.

  5. Electric dreams in transportation: The CES floor was abuzz with the latest in sustainable transportation. Electric vehicle pioneer Tesla unveiled their next-gen Model Y, featuring advanced autonomous driving capabilities. Other exhibitors, such as Rivian and NIO, showcased electric SUVs with extended ranges, marking a significant shift towards eco-friendly and technologically advanced transportation solutions.

In the UK, the expansion of smart home technologies and the rapid adoption of AI-driven solutions have created opportunities in software development, data analytics and IoT-related fields. The emphasis on sustainable transportation and electric vehicles at CES aligns with the UK's commitment to environmental initiatives which will lead to a surge in development across the electric mobility sector.

Furthermore, the health tech innovations unveiled at CES have a direct impact on the healthcare industry in the UK, fuelling demand for professionals in digital health, telemedicine and data science. As companies embrace these transformative technologies, the UK can adapt to the evolving needs of industries, creating a landscape where skills in emerging tech play a pivotal role in driving economic growth.

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