Building a UK engineering team from scratch

Relationship: Primary Recruitment Partner

Locations: Bristol and Cambridge

Timeline: Jan 2022 - ongoing

Services: ASIC Design Engineer, Verification Engineer, Formal Verification Engineer, CPU Architect, CPU Engineer

Placements: 13


Simon was hired by Codasip to quickly scale a semiconductor engineering team in the UK. In an extremely competitive hiring environment, Simon needed a recruitment partner with depth and reach within the semiconductor ecosystem. One of the primary requirements was trust and the assurance that CVs would be thoroughly screened as he had limited time to review lots of profiles. Simon had previous experience of working with us, so he had no hesitation in securing our services.

Solution and Result

Utilising our technical expertise and leveraging our networks we were able to secure over 20 offers for candidates within 12 months in a very competitive environment. This resulted in 13 placements across a range of disciplines within digital design including CPU Engineer, ASIC Engineer and Verification Engineer. Regular briefings and feedback calls ensured that Codasips hiring goals were achieved in a timely and efficient manner. Ultimately this allowed Simon to focus on the many engineering challenges that lay ahead, but in the knowledge that he would now be supported by a great team.