The successful exit


Our first ever client - Microcosm. We were approached by the CEO, Gary Steele, on the day he obtained funding for his new venture... ‘I have two employees and need a few more’.  Gary needed to scale extremely quickly, with several niche skillsets and he required a recruitment partner that truly understood the challenges and nuances of the technology recruitment marketplace.


The key to our successful recruitment programme with Microcosm was to find the balance between urgency and manageability of the workload. The executive team was already snowed under, so hiring numerous heads in parallel wasn’t feasible. We helped prioritise their requirements, then dealt with them one after another.


By the time the company was acquired by Conexant Systems, Microcosm had 100 employees. We had placed over 70 candidates with them. IC Resources then worked for many years with Phyworks, and now with HiLight Semiconductor, both chaired by Gary Steele.