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Our Executive Search arm helps organisations looking to make Director, VP and C-suite appointments in the Semiconductor, Electronics and Financial Technology (Fintech) markets.

We offer a comprehensive 9-stage executive search process, delivering our clients a shortlist of candidates, with the key competencies and attributes to complement their business requirements, from a thoroughly vetted list.

Our bespoke service encourages clients to tailor our model to meet their needs and deliver the best outcome within an 8-week timeframe.

IC Executive leverages extensive industry expertise from over 65 international consultants in Reading, London (UK), Munich (Germany), Graz (Austria) and Shenzhen (China), all with specialist knowledge in their own niche verticals.

It’s our expertise and our extensive networks that enable us to quickly and discreetly identify top performing Directors, VPs and C-suite candidates across industries in which we’re truly embedded, using precise market mapping and screening techniques.

For more information on our Executive Search Please contact Jeff Budd at jeff.budd@ic-executive.com or on +44(0)118 988 1151.

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