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Graphics Driver Developer

Grenoble, Auvergne Rhône Alpes,
Paris, Île-de-France,
Sophia Antipolis, France


Up to€70,000 depending on experience + remote working


Become a Graphic Driver Developer for a renowned global consultancy firm and software development company specialising in open-source technology. You will be making contributions to the Mesa 3D Graphics Library.

Their Graphics domain team is contributing to the entire Linux Graphics stack from the Linux kernel up to the Graphics toolkits and other open-source Graphics drivers within the Mesa 3D.

Graphic Driver Developer Responsibilities:
  • Engage in technology discussions with clients whilst also representing the business at conferences and trade shows to showcase and endorse their prominence in the open-source domain.
  • Assess client challenges and formulate solutions by harnessing open-source technologies and leveraging the company's technical proficiency
  • Actively participate in open-source projects in the public domain to uphold technical leadership
Graphic Driver Developer Skill Set:
  • Experience with direct contributions to the Mesa 3D Graphics Library: OpenGL, Vulkan, DRI, Gallium drivers.
  • Strong Linux experience
  • Understanding of open-source development principles and active engagement within relevant open-source communities

For more information about this position please reach out to Harry Hansford.
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