Roadmap Leader - HPC Quantum

South Holland, Rotterdam, The Hague, Netherlands


Exciting technology with a competitive base salary


Roadmap Leader required for a leading provider of quantum computing solutions.

You will be responsible for strategically engaging with key customers, representing the organisation as a thought leader in the market segment, and fostering professional relationships with stakeholders. Your role involves continuously assessing and validating customer requirements, maintaining relations with the installed base, and providing support during application discussions with strategic end-users in the sales process. Additionally, you will implement an effective product roadmap by defining market trends, translating requirements into high-level product definitions with business cases, and driving the creation of market plans. Collaboration with customer support to incorporate feedback into the product roadmap, enhancing usability, and maintaining a competitive advantage will be a key aspect of your responsibilities. Finally, you will align with the organization's strategy by monitoring sales and revenue progress, guiding product development in collaboration with R&D, and assisting the MSO team in formulating product launch plans, marketing collateral, and press releases.

This role will be based in the Netherlands.

  • Hold a PhD or MSc degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, or a related field from a prestigious university.
  • Possess more than 5 years of experience in the high-performance computing sector.
  • Demonstrate a robust professional network within the high-performance computing domain.
  • Serve as a thought leader and representative in the high-performance computing field, actively participating in industry consortia, network organisations, and contributing through presentations and writing.
  • Exhibit a comprehensive understanding of quantum technology use cases and quantum algorithms.
  • Present a clear vision for the integration of quantum computers within a high-performance computing environment.
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