Senior Power Supply Design Engineer

Devon, England


Salary Circa £60k+


The Senior Power Supply Design Engineer will join a successful team at one of the largest electronic component manufacturers in the world.

The Senior Power Supply Design Engineer will be responsible for the design and development of low to mid-power SMPS’s to meet the requirements of the marketing and client specifications.

Duties and key responsibilities of the Senior Power Supply Design Engineer include:
  • Development of overall products including Power Factor Correction and DC-DC converters.
  • Plan project work to deliver required outputs with input from the Team Leader whilst organising own work and work of engineers and technicians.
  • Use all relevant instruments to make measurements to assess design performance, analyse and simulate key parameters to verify performance of systems.
  • Create models with SPICE, Excel, Maths tools for calculations using standard components, generate reports on work carried out, and implement change through the company documentation system.
  • Lead customer-facing meetings when required e.g. off-site technical visits and observe the requirements of EN60950 and EN60601 in development work.
The successful candidate will have knowledge of:
  • Flyback, Forward, half-bridge, LLC, converters, and standard resonant converters.
  • Knowledge of higher-order resonant converters.
  • Ability to analyse and design associated control loops and analyse complex magnetic circuits.
  • Understanding of winding loss mechanisms and designing custom cores where appropriate.
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