Senior RF Design Engineer

Boston, Massachusetts


$160,000 - $190,000 Base + Bonus & Stock!


Our client, a leading innovator in advanced semiconductor solutions based in Andover, MA, is seeking a talented Senior RF Design Engineer to join their dynamic team. You'll be part of a company renowned for pushing the boundaries of RF technology, where innovation thrives, and your expertise will contribute to cutting-edge solutions that shape the future of wireless communication.

About the Role:

As a Senior RF Design Engineer, you will spearhead the development of RF Front-end Modules (FEMs), focusing on high-frequency RF T/R modules. Your responsibilities will include designing complex components such as power and multi-path T/R switches, low noise amplifiers, matching circuits, filters, SMT components, integrated passive devices (IPD), MIPI controls, and LDOs. You will play a crucial role in optimising FEM performance to exceed customer expectations, collaborating closely with IC designers and contributing to package/substrate design and floor planning. Hands-on experience with prototype hardware tuning and lab evaluation will be essential to validate and refine designs.

Qualifications as a Senior RF Design Engineer:
  • Strong understanding of RF systems, proficiency in cellular standards, and familiarity with RFFE module requirements.
  • Proven track record in designing passive components such as matching circuits, baluns, filters, and direction couplers.
  • Experience with RF design simulation tools (e.g., Keysight ADS) and adept at interpreting data displays.
  • Proficiency in 3-D (HFSS, FEM) and 2.5-D EM (EMX, Momentum, Sonnet) design/simulation tools.
  • Familiarity with thermal design simulations and basic knowledge of ESD protection strategies.
  • Strong hands-on lab skills for characterisation, debugging, and familiarity with lab instruments (Network Analysers, Spectrum Analyzers, etc.).
  • Ability to independently execute project tasks with minimal supervision.
  • Collaborative mindset, committed to meeting product requirements and project schedules.
Responsibilities as a Senior RF Design Enigneer:
  • Lead the development of RF modules, ensuring alignment with system requirements and optimising performance trade-offs.
  • Collaborate with IC designers on floorplanning and co-design of FEM package/MCM substrate, providing critical package models for design simulations.
  • Design passive circuits (matching circuits, baluns, filters, direction couplers) within MCM FEM packages or IC substrates.
  • Coordinate with MCM layout designers to fabricate printed circuit boards and other FEM packages, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Support hardware validations, analyse measurement data, and iterate designs for optimal performance.
  • Provide comprehensive data analysis and performance reports to guide the design and product development teams.
Join a team of innovators at the forefront of RF technology, where your contributions will drive the development of next-generation wireless solutions. In Andover, MA, you'll work in a collaborative environment that fosters creativity and professional growth. Enjoy competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects that make a global impact.

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