Working to your priorities

As a contractor, we know that your biggest priorities include:

1) Access to the best contract opportunities which are stable, challenging and remunerative
2) A smooth on-boarding process
3) Support that continues throughout the period of the contract
4) Timely payment!

Our contracts consultants specialise in their own chosen specific technical disciplines. Thus, they develop in-depth knowledge of the niche sector in which they work and have access to the widest possible range of contract jobs. Their technical knowledge and their understanding of their clients’ needs means little time is wasted on opportunities that aren’t directly suited to your background and requirements.

Comprehensive support through every contract

  • Market leading payroll and contracting bodies: We're at the forefront of legislation and regulatory affairs across Europe.
  • Tax advisors: In every major European country to give contractors using their own companies the right information.
  • Flexible payment solutions: Get your money when you need it. Monthly invoicing as standard, but you can invoice weekly or bi-weekly for short periods, to help with life's unexpected situations.
  • Short payment terms: Our standard payment terms are 14 days (but we usually pay in five due to our two payment runs per week).
  • Monthly monitoring calls: To make sure you're happy and everything is running smoothly.
  • Out of hours access: If there’s an issue, there's someone to talk to. We monitor emails out of hours and are usually contactable at weekends.
  • Three points of contact: As well as being able to contact your consultants anytime, you have access to our accounts and compliance team to help with contracts, invoices and timesheets.
  • Online portal: Available 24/7 to access timesheets for current or past assignments, plus current or past contract agreements.
  • No PSL: While we check the legitimacy of suppliers, we don’t force you to work with our preferred suppliers. So, if you have worked with a payroll company for years we can onboard them.
  • In-house IR35 specialist to advise on issues or concerns.

We take the long-term view

By specialising in specific technology recruitment sectors, our consultants build up unparalleled industry expertise. They are committed to working in their chosen area for the long term, therefore they’re always deepening their knowledge of the market and their relationships with their clients. They strive to offer you the widest range of opportunities when you’re looking for a new contract. They also understand how important it is to e available to answer any questions and make sure that the payment and paperwork admin goes smoothly so that you can concentrate on the day job.

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