Leon Morrison


Analog | Mixed-Signal and RF IC Design

Originally from Wellington, New Zealand, Leon has been in the UK since 2000. He has held a number of sales-related positions; from sales for a New Zealand brewery to selling musical instruments. Since joining us in 2006 he has been recruiting analog / mixed-signal and RF IC design, layout and CAD/EDA engineering professionals. Specialising in the same area all these years has resulted in him having an extensive market knowledge and client base across the UK and Europe, enabling him to offer candidates a ‘whole of market’ service.

Leon offers a personal and consultative approach and he prides himself on results. He presents candidates with the best options matched to their skill set, and clients with well-qualified candidates to match their technical requirements and company needs. He is always happy to provide career and CV advice, as his job satisfaction comes from going that little bit further to help someone achieve their career objectives. Always professional, always with a smile!

Leon Morrison

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Points based system welcomes highly skilled grads to the UK

15 Jun 2022

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