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The IC Resources Analog/Mixed Signal IC Design team focuses on opportunities within the Analog IC Design field, covering the complete design flow from Frontend Analog IC Design jobs through Verification to Backend Analog Layout.

We cover all aspects of the analog jobs market including, but not restricted to, CMOS, BiCMOS, ADC, DAC, LDO, SRAM, PHY and High Speed SERDES design.

We have opportunities for design engineers skilled in System on Chip/Digital Integrated Circuit Design so please call us to discuss further, or if you are looking for design engineers with these skills please contact Leon on +44 (0)208 400 2483 or email

We also specialise in: Digital IC (ASIC, RTL, SoC)VerificationFPGA, Analog Layout, Physical DesignCAD, EDA, PDKRFIC Design and Semiconductor Process, Test and Quality.


Analog | Mixed-Signal IC JOBS

Analog | Mixed-Signal IC Recruitment team

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