With Industry 4.0 and developments in blockchain technology, the supply chain sector is undergoing dramatic change. This change in the use of technology and the demand to improve speed and processes put additional strain on business to keep ahead of the competition.

At IC Resources we cover operations roles from procurement, inhouse and fabless operations and materials management, with specialist recruitment consultants working across manufacturing, 3PL, FMCG, retail, pharmaceuticals, eCommerce, freight and parcels. We work with start-up, scale-up and multinational businesses, finding talented and skilled candidates across supply chain management, six sigma, s&op, continuous improvement and category management and matching them with exciting operations opportunities. 

With offices around the world, your parameters are our limits when it comes to finding the best operations candidates or operations jobs that enable you to embrace the changes that technology offers the supply chain industry.

For more information or to discuss our current operations jobs or opportunities please contact Roberta Wright


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