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RF Microwave+

RF Microwave is a vastly growing market sector with increasingly complicated requirements. There has been an explosion of activity over the past 5 years creating new industry sectors which has been followed closely by our team of consultants specialising in the UK and Europe with a candidate and skills network spanning worldwide.

This covers Cellular Networks, Wireless Handsets, IoT, Smart Cities, M2M, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Home Automation, Connected Audio, Defence, Aerospace, Satellite Communications, Broadcast, Components/ Connectors, Industrial, Scientific, Agricultural, Sensors, Smart Metering, Consultancy, Location, Imaging, Medical, Rail, Supply Chain, Smart Cards and Test Equipment. 

We cover the full range of job profiles from Graduate to CEO across the following specialisms: RF Design jobs, MMIC / Microwave Design jobs, RF Systems jobs, RF Applications jobs, RF Power Amplifier Design jobs, RF Test jobs, RF Test Development jobs, RF Integration jobs, Antenna Design jobs, EMC jobs, RF Project Management jobs, RF Manager jobs and RF Team Leader jobs.

For more information on our current RF / Antenna job opportunities please contact Chris Moffatt on +44 (0)118 988 1157 or



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