Deep Reinforcement Learning Scientist, England

Deep Reinforcement Learning Scientist, London

Job ID: 176013
Location: England, UK
Salary: £100-120k, 20% annual bonus and more!
Job Type: Permanent

This Deep Reinforcement Learning Scientist based in Central London, UK is an excellent opportunity to join an established team of top researchers and scientists, focused on all areas of reinforcement learning and includes the opportunity to publish in top conferences such as NeurIPS. The work you do here will end up in real-world applications and from day one, you will be applying your skills alongside others with expertise in deep learning, computer vision, data science.

Primary Responsibilities
  • Research around all varieties of reinforcement learning, multi-agent game theory etc. with application areas including robotics
  • Research that will be applied to the product portfolio, as well as research geared towards publishing ML papers
Required experience
  • PhD in Computer Science or similar and at least 1 year of post-doctorate research
  • Relevant publication history  
  • Deep reinforcement learning
  • PyTorch, TensorFlow
  • Python
What’s on offer?
  • ~£100-120k
  • 20% annual bonus 
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