Field Application Engineer (camera Actuator), Shenzhen

Field Application Engineer (camera Actuator), Shenzhen

Job ID: 173755
Location: Shenzhen, China
Salary: Flexible salary bracket based on experience
Job Type: Permanent
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A fast growing British company is looking for an FAE to join their team in Shenzhen.

Main responsibilities 主要职责
  • To test/evaluate module performance, including lens, Actuator, IC, and sensor, and report the result internally.  测试/评估模组效果,包括镜头、马达、驱动芯片和图像传感器,并向内部报告结果
  • To co-work with driver IC/CCM/AM engineers for tuning and test 与驱动芯片/摄像头模组厂/马达厂的工程师协同进行优化和测试
  • To instruct CCMs factory how to bring up the related test stations, how to do FA and solve customer related technical problems.  指导摄像头模组厂进行相关站位的测试,如何进行失效分析并解决客户提出的相关技术问题
  • On-site support when big issue happens. 遇到重大问题发生时现场支持
  • To maintain a good relationship with customers.  维护和客户的良好关系
  • Communicate with headquarter engineers and senior FAE managers.  与总部工程师和FAE高级经理沟通
  • Be able to work independently but value teamwork   能够独立工作,但重视团队合作
  • Best to have module and SMA/VCM(AF&OIS) actuator basic knowledge (but not necessary) 具备摄像头模组和SMA/VCM(AF&OIS)马达基础知识优先(非必须)
  • Best to have experience in working for CCM or SMA/VCM(AF&OIS) actuator factory, especially mechanical design/software development/Test department 具有摄像头模组厂或SMA/VCM(AF&OIS)马达厂工作经验优先,特别是结构设计/软件开发/测试部门
  • Have FAE experience (preferred).  具有FAE经验(优先)
  • Willing to travel frequently in China and occasionally outside China.  适应经常在国内出差,偶尔国外出差
  • English fluently written and spoken.  英语读写流利

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