Technical Architects, Luxembourg

Technical Architects, Luxembourg

Job ID: 170360-1
Location: Luxembourg, Europe
Salary: Up to 100k Euro + benefits - start up
Job Type: Permanent
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Technology Architects – SPACE applications

Cue Star Trek music … then Kirk’s or Picard’s voice ….’SPACE – THE FINAL ….NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR’

Space is no longer the final frontier! It’s right on our doorstep and the smartest people are making moves to take advantage of the unique properties of materials in zero gravity.

Our client is densely populated with such smart people. They’re building a device to manufacture materials onboard the ISS, leveraging the unique benefits of space (microgravity, vacuum) for improved terrestrial applications. It’s the ISS now, their own proprietary satellite in the future …. IF you join to make them successful!

They’re currently seeking 5 senior engineering / architect professionals to spearhead a new project based in Luxembourg (but commutable from parts of Germany, France or Belgium if that suits you better). Of course at the early stage in a project, all five people will need to be multi-disciplined and multi-interested, but the 5 ‘job titles’ are:

  • Sr Electrical / Electronics Architect
  • Sr Computer Architect
  • Sr Robotics Architect
  • Sr Systems Architect
  • Sr Mechanical Architect

Senior architects always have a variety of skills, so if you have some combination of Electronics, Firmware, Semiconductors, Computer / HPC, Robotics, Systems and Mechanical Architecture or Engineering experience, and you want to undertake the biggest and most impactful challenge of your career, please contact us now.

Previous space design is NOT essential – high levels of skill and ingenuity ARE essential.

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