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Automotive System Architect/ Product Manager (Semiconductor)

Exciting silicon start-up in the Benelux region is looking for an Automotive System Architect/Product Manager with a strong technical background in semiconductor engineering to help specify their next generation products. You will be responsible for developing the automotive roadmap for different families of artificial intelligence SoCs. You will also define the key performance and power metrics.

You will have a strong understanding of automotive systems and architecture especially in relation to silicon solutions, any experience with machine learning or artificial intelligence would be much appreciated.

You will need experience of specifying/ architecting end-to-end solutions, consisting of both software and hardware- this could be in an embedded/ low level environment but not within the cloud. In addition you should have a good understanding of hardware development and software development practices.

Responsibilities will include architectural descriptions and documentation of artificial intelligence applications, software stacks, and artificial intelligence silicon IPs within the automotive domain.

This role represents an exciting challenge for anyone wanting to continue their automotive career in the world of artificial intelligence.

Silicon start-up looking for an Automotive Systems Architect/Product Manager to develop and define their automotive product roadmap

Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

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