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Demand Planner

Demand Planner

circa €30,000 - €35,000

Global high end technology career opportunity

There are times when I wish I would qualify for a job I'm recruiting for, and this is one of those times! One of the fastest growing technology businesses in the western world, and considered by many to be the best at what they do. This global technology giant with operations spanning the US, Europe and Asia encompassing some 35+ individual locations need a Demand Planner for their Austrian location (the office works in English). Sadly I'm not a Demand Planner, but if I were, this is where I'd want to be.

I'm guessing you are a Demand Planner if you're still reading this, so I won't bore you with the usual Demand Planning job requirements and instead explain what's different. Yes, you're going to be working with supply chain management to optimize delivery plans, and yes, you will be both dynamically demand planning and running scenario simulations - most importantly you are going to be working in an environment that can suddenly and unexpectedly need to ramp up it's production. This is where this role gets more exciting that your usual demand planning role, working with a selection of customers who suddenly need an influx of your technology in order to deliver against their own targets. You will become adept at sensing change, and will become an expert at identifying, addressing, solving or escalating issues that could jeopardise currently running production or customer ramp ups. You will support crisis management with critical supply situations such as line downs, and will ensure production capacity is always in place to support in a ramp-up phase.

Sounds pretty exciting right? It is, and if you really want to enjoy yourself whilst you're working as their Demand Planner, then you're going to need to be one of those structured and organised types. You will also work with a sense of urgency whilst maintaining a proactive and positive attitude. Not too much to ask for one of the top Demand Planning jobs on the market right now I'd say!

Why not show your proactive a positive attitude by applying now! Nothing ventured nothing gained is what some wise guy said, so get venturing. Once you're done with that, head to LinkedIn and connect with me (Sean Figura MILT). I love making new friends!


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