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Electro-Mechanical Technician

Electro-Mechanical Technician


25K - 30K dependant on experience

Job Description/Responsibilities

This is a great opportunity for a Electro-Mechanical Technician to join a Repairs team with the responsibility of testing instruments that pass through the department, fault finding and undertaking repairs to component level.

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

* Working through a list of prioritised customer returns.

* Testing a range of instruments with a range of processes

* Repairing various types of equipment.

* There will be some requirement to assist with day to day activities of the wider repair team.

* Interacting with the Support team.

Skills and Expertise


o Ability to identify or infer faults from test behaviour i.e. fault finding and take corrective action and verify, not merely repair work.

o Technical background, mechanical and electronic (Academic and/or Industry).

o Foundation in the fundamentals of electronics, including reading and understanding circuit diagrams and a basic understanding of component types.

o Ability to undertake repairs work down to component level.


o Computer literacy

o Familiarity with a command line interface

o Experience using an ERP system

o Experience using a microscope

o Excellent soldering skills

o Comfortable working with small components and being meticulously clean

Demonstrable Character Traits

o Time management and organisational skills

o Logical thinker and problem solver

o Show initiative and ability to use it

o Strong communication skills, both verbal and written

o Self-Motivated

South East England

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