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Gaming Software Consultant

Occasionally in this 'game' (pardon the pun) we get to advertise a truly exciting role. I am looking for a software consultant to work for one of the most exciting start-up, gaming consultancy's in London who provide some of the most rigorous and cutting edge android app game testing in the market.

Our customers come to us for a fully outsourced consultancy evaluation of their game. It might be in soft launch or it might be to directly compare it to their competitors. With our own debuggers we produce rigorous tests to make sure a game runs smoothly. Once we understand 'what' is going on with a game? We need someone to explain the 'why' and 'how' to fix the issue? We need an expert in their field, most likely from a games development or engineering background, preferably with the Unity Engine. You will be simultaneously designing new, cutting edge debuggers to test whilst whilst contributing to the development of new tools. You will be scientific, objective and thorough; but you will also be relaxed (we spend much of our time playing games in the lab - after all, it's our job) and you will most likely be passionate about gaming. You might even be developing your own game in your spare time and need to do this 1-2 days a week, that's fine. As a rough guidance for what we are looking for;

  • Experience working with Unity and C#
  • Most likely from a Gaming or Software Engineering background
  • Passionate about games.
  • Thorough in their investigations; methodical and keen to interrogate.
  • Possibly be from a QA or test background
  • Working on performance optimisation in the past would be a real plus

We are located very close to Paddington station with two offices and a grand total of 3 people who you will be working very closely with. We are happy to consider someone who wants a full time contract (eg 40 hour weeks) but also if you have some of your own work to complete, we are happy with 2-3 days a week, so we understand a daily/ hourly rate might reflect differently according to this. And of course, flexible work is a given for the successful candidate.

If you would like to be considered for this position, please apply with an attached CV or call Peter Greenlaw on 0118 907 7883.


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