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Global Warehouse Manager

High growth technology powerhouse seeks a Global Warehouse Manager to improve warehouse processes and performance across a global micro-electronics multi-site manufacturing landscape. This is a high trust environment where you are not going to be micro-managed and can expert to be supported by your leadership to deliver your goals, in a global role where you will be interacting with a variety of cultures, operational environments and challenges. It's the kind of position you can really sink your teeth into, make a really visible impact and have a tangible effect on the overall performance of the business. This role can be based in a number of countries (you can find a list at the bottom) but will require quite a bit of travel - you can't solve what you can't see after all!

Have you got what it takes to succeed as this organisations new Global Warehouse Manager?

Have you worked in a complex multi-site manufacturing environment? Can you demonstrate a track record of warehouse process improvement? Are you at ease working in a multi-cultural environment? Have you got recent experience in a high technology industry such as electronics, automotive, medical devices or semiconductors? If you answered yes to all of these questions then it sounds like you may just be what we're looking for!

We're seeking a Global Warehouse Manager to lead process improvements across a highly varied and complex global manufacturing footprint - the kind of environment where one size definitely does NOT fit all, where you're going to need to apply different approaches to KPIs, process improvement, change management and the rest, to get the best out of each location. You will identify the challenges, bottlenecks and impacts that affect efficiency and you will provide the solution, embedding it into the processes and providing a long term solution. You will assess the need for process outsourcing and will manage the existing 3rd party warehousing arrangement in Germany.

If you've got what it takes and think that this is the kind of position that you will enjoy please apply now, then connect with me - Sean Figura - on LinkedIn for access to the best jobs first.

Locations: UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia.

Austria, Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, North Korea, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Singapore, South Korea, Suffolk

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