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Graduate Software Engineer

Software Engineer, Database and Web applications (Graduate role)

Based in Cambridge, we are looking for a Software Engineer for a leading global wireless communications giant to help develop, deliver, maintain, upgrade and support internal test infrastructure.
The role is to customise, develop, test, document, deploy and support a client server software system.

Key Responsibilities
- Work on the web interface details
- Designing and implementing features e.g. filtering data to customer needs. This might require end to end change/enhancement (database, API, Web application)
- Supporting the database, creating data for customer requests and, also, cleaning it from clutter. This does not include supporting of RDBMS.
- Debugging and profiling the system
- Writing API and user documentation
- Development of data export to MS Excel
- Enhancing reporting solutions
- Writing and utilizing unit and system test cases
- Talking to customers and gathering their requirements

Key Requirements knowledge of:
- good programming practices to write transferable code
- Ability to understand and extend third party code written in Java
- Java and experience of using it for projects
- server side java technologies and blueprints (Servlets, JSP, Java Beans)
- web front end development and JavaScript
- java web application build and deployment
- Relational Databases and SQL (tables, queries and transactions)
- XML with xml schema
- Unit Testing in general and JUnit in particular
- IDEs
- using a java debugger
- Source Code Management systems

Nice to have knowledge of:
- C#
- XML stylesheets
- jquery and jquery UI
- javascipt libraries for tables and grids
- java or any other charting libraries (e.g. MS Excel Charts)
- MS Excel, charting, pivot tables, pivot charts
- MS Excel file format
- PDF libraries
- MS SQL Server
- MS TransactSQL
- relational database query execution plan, and query optimizer hints
- perforce
- building web applications with Ant
- IDE Eclipse for Java development


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