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Master Scheduler

Master Scheduler - Lead Production Planner

Work in Kings Lynn


Career in saving lives (sort of) and manufacturing

You could be a hero in the making and you don't even know it yet. Long gone are the traditional attributes of strength, poise, agility and super intelligence which limited heroism to Greek demigods, firemen, paramedics and the like - today welcomes a new era, an era where heroism is defined by your ability to plan production and master the schedule for this high volume, non-food production facility.

You are a Master Scheduler hero built of the finest production planning ability, with eagle vision for detail, and with super powers which extend into building the strongest master schedule to support a manufacturing footprint like no other. A Lead Production Planner hero who constantly strives for improvement in all that they do, and in doing so, potentially saving the lives of countless individuals.

So what are you waiting for, save some lives, apply for this Master Scheduler / Lead Production Planner job - then find me Sean Figura CMILT ESCM on LinkedIn and tell me what a lifesaving production planning hero you are!

Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk

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