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Senior Power Supply Design Engineer

Senior Power Supply Design Engineer



We are looking for a Senior Power Supply Design Engineer, who will be joining a successful team to be responsible for the development of Power SMPS's for Automotive Aerospace and Traction applications.

Main responsibilities of the Senior Power Supply Design Engineer include: The development of overall products including Power Factor Correction, DC-DC, AC-DC converter design from 90W up to 10KW. Other aspects of the role will also include planning project work for other teams, use all relevant instruments to make measurements to assess design performance and generate reports on the work carried out.

The successful candidate will have a degree in Electrical or Electronics Engineering and knowledge of the following:

* Flyback, Forward, half-bridge converters and standard resonant converters.

* Knowledge of higher order resonant converters.

* Ability to analyse and design associated control loops and analyse complex magnetic circuits.

* Understanding of winding loss mechanisms and design custom cores where appropriate.

If this role is of interest to you and you would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


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