Chris Moffatt


Business Director, Electronics

Since 2012, Chris has been focused on recruitment for the RF / antenna market in the UK and Europe. As a technology enthusiast he simply cannot help but immerse himself in the latest gadget news and industry chatter. He enjoys getting to know both his candidates and clients at a technical level.

Coming from a science and sales background helps him to communicate seamlessly, while finding out the exact needs and requirements of each person he speaks with and explaining which of our solutions would be most appealing.

He works with world-leading companies looking to strengthen and expand their existing workforce, as well as businesses looking to grow new teams from scratch, and offers insightful market knowledge and advice to a wide variety of clients and candidates.

Chris is an interesting combination of analytical and laidback, sometimes on the verge of being a know-it-all. When not ruling the racquet sports he’ll be found, snowboard in hand, on the peak of the Harakiri.

Chris Moffatt

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25 Mar 2019

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