Dominik Nibler


Sales & Marketing | Dach

Dominik works in our Munich office where he focuses on the German-speaking market for all positions related to sales and marketing within the semiconductor and electronic component industry.

Before joining us he finished a Bachelor of Engineering in Geographic Information Science and Cartography and a M of Arts in International Relations and Affairs (wow). all whilst simultaneously working as a coach for a football holiday camp and giving English lessons.

In his spare time, he enjoys doing all kinds of sports, especially football and during the winter futsal. Which he enjoys almost as much as having a few beers with his mates after training or a game.

Dominik is an Anglobavarian hybrid, he has lived abroad in the UK, in the US and Lithuania. He enjoys cooking, reading and languages, as well as showing boss Marta around the Munich hospitals!

Dominik Nibler

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08 Apr 2019

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