Rachel Mason


Digital IC

Joining IC Resources in 2017, Rachel is a Senior digital design recruitment consultant focusing exclusively in the arenas of digital ASIC / SoC design, physical/backend design and DFT.

Before making the move to recruitment, Rachel had an 8-year career in retail. She studied Sports and Exercise Science at College and is a netball fanatic, incredibly playing for 3 different teams on average 5 times per week, in either WA, C, WD or GD!!!. Her love of competing and winning makes her an excellent fit for recruitment.

When she’s out of the office and off of the netball court, Rachel likes to spend her time with friends and family, she hates metal and only eats with plastic cutlery or cutlery with plastic handles! She also has a bad allergy to most stone fruits (so no cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums for her!) 

Rachel Mason

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10 Jan 2020

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