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24 September 2015

What to consider before taking that job!

Danielle Jackson

Danielle Jackson

I work in the technical recruitment at IC Resources and deal with a lot of graduate/junior engineers who are seeking their first job offer. 

The process of starting your career can be a stressful time and more often than not graduates will accept the first opportunity that comes their way, when it isn’t always the right one.

It’s quite common for a graduate to have multiple opportunities to explore but as completing the interview process can take time (and most companies will have multiple phases to their recruitment process,) it’s easy to think going so far down a road with one company that you cant go back.

But it is very important to step back and weigh up your options before accepting your first offer. Companies will always offer you the time to read the contract and think about the role before they expect an answer and most will allow a reasonable time for consideration  (most companies would expect an answer within ten days).

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Passion. Is this job doing something you are passionate about! It’s important to do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do – after all you will be doing it for the next forty plus years! 

2. Company stability. Think about company stability, you want to ensure you join a company that is financially stable, growing and successful.

3. Location. The companies physical location is import, consider cost of living, the commute etc. Don’t disregard opportunities because they are not on your doorstep. So many companies offer relocation assistance/allowances and has the possibility to open up new opportunities  – lots of our clients also organise social events aimed at graduates.

4. Progression and development. Find out the progression opportunities available and more importantly what the companies offers in terms of personal development to ensure you achieve your career goals.

5. Package. Weigh up the whole package, including all the above. You have been offered an amazing starting salary but what else is offered and how does it compare with other companies. I am mostly never asked about the additional benefits. How often will you get a pay review? Bonus? Pension? Shares? You should calculate the whole package, it can really change things.

Take the time to consider everything before making one of the biggest decisions of your life. See as many opportunities through as possible before making that final decision. It’s much easier than trying to change things a year or two down the line.

For more information on Graduate Opportunities or advice please contact Danielle Jackson at IC Resources on 01189 840942.


Recruitment Consultant

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