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15 January 2016

Pushing technology boundaries 2016

Chris Moffatt

Chris Moffatt

Business Manager, Electronics

Since 2012, Chris has been focused on recruitment for the RF / antenna market in…

Evolution in Technology for 2016

At IC Resources we pride ourselves with being involved in recruiting top Engineers who design and develop new and never before seen technology.  

From consumer electronics to wireless, from semiconductors to automotive and many, many more industries, I know that at IC Resources we are going to be working with the most talented people that are pushing and continuously evolving technology boundaries.

Some of the products I take a keen interest in and get the most enjoyment from are gadgets and electronic toys. 

The toy market between 2007 – 2012 was worth around £84billion pounds, with a growing percentage of this being toys developed with complex electronics as well as communication devices.

However, these products are no longer just for children… think Furby’s, wearable technology for gaming/fitness and even (safe… ) hover boards, although not quite like we imagined in Back to the Future but close enough…  So what did we see in 2015? Las Vegas CES 2015 


My passion for technology isn’t just limited to fun, toys and gadgets of course.

I am intrigued by what we are going to have access to in the future, what are the organisations and engineers that I am working with now going to design next?.  We have already had a mind mouse, what could be next in 2016?  

Lets take a look at some of the highlights so far from this years CES2016 in Vegas to find out.


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