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18 February 2015

Analog IC Design and Layout 2015

Leon Morrison

Leon Morrison

Principal Consultant

Originally from Wellington, New Zealand, Leon has been in the UK since the year 2000. …

Supply Doesn’t Equal Demand!

As we have entered into the New Year we have seen a significant upturn in demand for Analog/Mixed Signal IC Design and Layout Engineers with live Analog IC Layout positions at the highest levels seen in over 8 years!  Why so many Analog IC Design and IC Layout jobs?

Analog IC Layout: last year saw a steady rate of contract positions (an increasing popular avenue for layout engineers). Now some companies are in a position to build up their permanent layout teams to complement their existing design teams. This has led to increased demand but few new layout engineers on the market to supply.

Analog IC Design: Some new start-ups are coming on to the scene. Finally!  Mix this with larger companies building up their existing teams but longer lead times due to the shortage of engineers.  It’s almost like a jobs pile up on a pan-European scale!

AnalogThe new jobs are often coming in new locations, some new ones including SW Coast UK, working from home, Ukraine and Belgrade….even a 1 year layout contract in South Africa. The full list of countries is UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Madrid and East of Spain, Lisbon Portugal, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Serbia – with multiple roles in almost all these locations.

This is a fantastic time to look for new opportunities to take your career to the next level in the Analog IC world. Watch this space for my next blog about the origins of the shortage and the EU Visa situation.

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