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23 January 2016

Contingency or RPO – how to bridge the gap

Kathy Campling

Kathy Campling

Client Services Director

Kathy is Client Services Director, heading up the corporate accounts team. After spending ten years…

We work within an industry where skills are short and demands are high. Sourcing candidates within niche skills can be a time consuming and costly in terms of unfilled roles leading to delayed projects.

It is becoming ever more apparent that our clients are looking for more than the traditional contingency approach, but do not require full ‘RPO’ – particularly as traditional RPO companies who don’t have the knowledge and contact networks within the high tech community.  IC Resources’ Managed Solutions is a perfect bridge between these two approaches.  Managed Solutions offers you the flexibility and affordability of the contingency route with the commitment and partnership of the full RPO.  Our Managed Solution allows you to outsource small projects or annual recruitment plans without any of the upfront costs of an RPO.  So what do we offer?


  • A dedicated account manager who can be based on or off site
  • A dedicated team of specialist recruiters
  • Managed advertising campaigns
  • Strategic headhunting
  • Accurate CV’s
  • Full progress reports and statistics
  • Market intelligence and guidance to assure you stay ahead of the competition.

We work in partnership with your business and take time to really understand your team, their personalities as well as the technical skill sets that will make your business successful. This approach allows us to provide a full recruitment service that benefits you and your potential employees!

Please contact Kathy Campling if you are interested in having a more in depth conversation around how our Managed Services approach may work for you. Or find out more here.




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