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25 February 2015

“Eggshell with Romalian type. What do you think?”

James Cunningham

James Cunningham

Business Manager, Commercial

After achieving his BSc (hons) Chemistry at Aberdeen University, James began work at the heart…

A classic film, a classic line and certainly a classic scene. American Psycho and the tense comparison of business cards that most people involved in the commercial side of business can all too easily relate to. But that film was now 15 years ago when the aggressive financial industry was peaking, if not starting to decline, and a time when a lot about who you dealt with could be inferred by a small piece of printed card. It’s interesting to consider, where are we now on the subject of business cards?

I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts on this. How do you feel towards such a simple tool? Have you come across cards that really stood out to you, for good or bad reasons? Will technology replace them, or simply be directed to from them? Can a wirelessly transmitted signal replace the exchanging of what is effectively a gift?

JC Business cardNow we have QR Codes, email signatures, LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing profiles, we have Facebook professional on the way and yet, we all still use and value our little pieces of card. Further, as the great philatelists once did, we actively collect a closely guarded almanac of our knowledge, reach and spheres of influence in our chosen industries through them. Yet in truth, how often do we go back to them? And if we do the contact has often skipped a few companies in their career and sadly no longer retains your card, or maybe any recollection of the ‘valuable conversation’ you once had at a show!

But I’d argue that these little pieces of card that are agonised over in their design, treasured, then often disposed of most ungraciously still hold as much value – maybe more, than when they instilled such rage and jealousy in Mr Christian Bale’s character. Personally I like the tangible nature of a card. I like jotting notes on the back of a card. I enjoy seeing a new idea / take on a business card but most of all I do like holding one when I speak to someone new. These little cards are important and despite the latest technology aiming to remove anything solid from our lives and like reverse rain send it cloud-wards! I don’t believe that they are going anywhere soon, and am pleased about that.

A lot depends upon how you view your own business card I guess, but have you never seen someone else’s business card and felt just a little ‘American Psycho’?






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