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29 February 2016

Embedded World 2016

Adrian Wagstaff

Adrian Wagstaff

Principal Consultant

Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) automotive electronics, Adrian spent a number of years working…

IoT, how secure is our data?

“We are the Internet of Things”  was the theme for a meeting of the world’s best embedded developers and engineers at the embedded world Conference 2016 in Nürnberg, Germany. In recent years, the embedded community, through technical competence and an ongoing exchange of knowledge and expertise, has proven they are continually innovating and sharing real-world experiences.

Each year, an ever increasing number of embedded devices are combining to create a worldwide network of autonomous embedded systems – the Internet of Things. New technologies always entail risks; but the actors on this stage must play their roles strategically, with due responsibility and far-sightedness, to create a secure Internet of Things.images (1)

In excess of 900 Hardware, Software and Service providers were exhibiting this year – I was lucky enough to attend and hear many of the worlds most recognised names deliver presentations on their IoT products and their security.

After listening to the first speaker I was inclined to rush home and disconnect every device I have connected to the internet but having managed this initial fear I then learned how secure the data in the cloud and the connections for IoT actually were!

It seems in this rapidly evolving technology area many technology developers are spending many hours and many Euros/Pounds/Dollars etc. to protect our data but should we be doing more to protect ourselves?

We as the users need to be vigilant with our personal data! Vary our passwords, change them regularly, don’t save log in details when we have been online etc. We should be responsible for keeping our own personal data safe! and this article proves why…

In general the feeling around the show was that this year was busier than previous years (stands became busy right from opening) and on speaking to many of the exhibitors it seems they were all having a successful conference and exhibition. For me it was, as always, great to see the emerging technologies and all of the systems, hardware on display! I’m already looking forward to next year.

Right I’m off to change all of my passwords!


If you’d like to discuss embedded world 2016, IoT or data security please call me +44 (0) 118 9840948 – or email: 

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