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12 February 2015

Privacy Issues

Chris Moffatt

Chris Moffatt

Business Manager, Electronics

Since 2012, Chris has been focused on recruitment for the RF / antenna market in…

This is an enormous topic and I only want to brush the surface after reading recent news articles surrounding smart TVs and privacy issues.

The background being that Samsung TV’s listen to everything you are saying and transmits that data to dreadful “third parties” where that data is then translated into commands and sent back to your TV.

The argument being that these third parties are able to spy on your dinner table discussions and steal your online banking passwords.

Let me introduce you to the “third parties”.   Who do you think was listening?

So who do you think was listening?




Stereotypical hacker

Stereotypical hacker

The sad fact is that there will be intelligence agencies and hackers who will be able to intercept this data and translate everything you’re mumbling to yourself. Although, these are minority events and it is just as likely they can turn on your webcam or trace the location of your mobile.

I completely understand why people are cautious about “third parties” due to advertising and the amount of spam calls I receive on a daily basis means I should probably be a bit more cautious myself.

This does not mean that all technology companies are out to steal and sell your data, in fact working with many SMEs I can tell you that they 9 times out of 10 they only want to create products that will make life easier or more interesting.

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