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3 August 2015

Relaxing by the beach or recruiting top talent?

Alex Fothergill

Alex Fothergill

Operations Director

Alex graduated from Leeds with a 2.i BEng (Hons) degree in electrical and electronic systems…

Here’s an interesting article about recruitment cycles which is a good read, but I think gets it wrong when it comes to summer recruitment. To be honest I’m fed up with being told that the market is always slow at this time of year!

Why is this article wrong?  Well in my 10+ years of embedded software and DSP recruitment, the summer has often been one of the busiest periods. Maybe not for getting offers signed off, which is a communal activity, but certainly for organising interviews, which is the normally the decision of an individual manager.

Here is my theory:

  • Hiring managers have a little more time to look at recruitment and review CVs in the summer, because they’re participating in fewer meetings while other team members are away. 
  • Recruiting top talent‘Companies in the know’ know that while their competitors are sitting in the sun sipping sangria (metaphorically or literally) they can steal a skills march on them. They also know that our industry is synonymous with highly technical and demanding positions, and that it can take months to identify and hire that key engineer they need before the end Q4.
  • ‘Candidates in the know’ are positioning themselves to stand out more and by doing so being a head of the competition. They will find it generally easier to obtain time off in the holiday season and find prospective managers more open to spending time on an in-depth interview in the slightly quieter office. 

Don’t be lulled into believing that no one is recruiting during the summer – look at jobs we are recruiting for at the moment. Take advantage of the so-called ‘quiet-time’ and get the sun shining on your career – no sunscreen required!



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