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11 March 2015

Should companies do more to retain staff?

Brett Lofthouse

Brett Lofthouse

Senior Consultant

Brett has been in the recruitment industry since 2009, initially within financial services and more…

I’m working with candidates every day who are looking for new mechanical job opportunities, most of whom are currently in employment. Why are these candidates looking to leave their current company?  Could it be that their company is not doing enough to retain staff?  Or could it be a multitude of reasons including, career progression, commuting too far and simply just looking for a new challenge.Home working

When employees leave it can be costly to a company for many reasons. An obvious bottom line cost is recruitment fees and sometimes the need to bring in a contractor to fill the void temporarily. But this is a small cost compared to the loss of knowledge and experience that the departing employee takes with them. This can be years of training investment and accumulated expertise that the company have to now try to replace.

Companies always need to be looking at benefits they give their staff such as flexible working hours, working from home, health care, child care, sabbaticals etc. Working from home and flexible working hours can be an inexpensive benefit for the company to give but can be invaluable to an employee. It can mean commuting outside of rush hour or being able to work around a hectic family life. These benefits can certainly be the difference between losing employees and retaining them.

Here at IC Resources we have benefit points which can be used for laptops, mobile phones, gym membership etc. These are great benefits but it can be some of the simpler things that keep people happy such as the boot camp the company runs twice weekly or the weekly shop we have delivered containing fruit, bread, milk, coffee, tea, squash, biscuits etc.

Which benefits would keep you loyal to your employer?

Or if you think now might be a good time to explore the market, check out the mechanical job opportunities which we have at the moment.



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