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21 April 2015

Single page web design

Simon Lawson

Simon Lawson

Creative Consultant

Simon joined IC Resources in 2014 and very quickly settled into his new role recruiting…

After 15 years covering technology recruitment, IC Resources has taken me on to focus on web development recruitment for the creative industry.HTML5

I’m very much looking forward to being part of the web dev community and seeing it evolve. The future of web development is incredibly exciting, and I have already begun to see it change its shape.  We havealready seen websites shift from multiple pages with complex underlying frameworks to simple elegant pieces of art. And why is this? Well the user experience is now more important than ever and the number of UX specialists grows on a daily basis. 

Never has the way someone experiences the web been more vital than it is today!


So what is the future of web development? Answer:  Single page web design.

A single page website is designed to have all of its information on one continuous page, allowing the user to scroll through the website in a linear fashion rather than moving from one page to the other. Single page sites are mobile friendly and designed to be easy and readable for the smartphone user. Single page web design doesn’t ask for the user to commit to the click. It introduces new information quickly and seamlessly, which allows for discovery and reduces the need for early decision-making.

It’s also cheaper. Traditionally it’s been quite an expensive endeavor for both businesses and individuals to create beautiful, custom websites. Single page sites are faster, easier and cost much less – as little as 30% of the price for a custom designed website. A single page site also draws in the user, causing them to participate in the makings of a great story step by step.

Currently, single page web design is of much greater benefit to smaller companies than larger ones, but who knows what the future holds? I very much look forward to tracking the development of single page sites and seeing how far our community can push the boundaries of function and creativity.

To see some of the open roles that I am working on at the moment, please click here.





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