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3rd July 2015

Small fish, big pond: a grad’s recruitment into recruitment

Dan Stewart

Dan Stewart

4 years of university and I find myself strolling around another graduate fair, doing what students do best; eyeing up the free pens and fairy cakes, trying desperately not to worry about the daunting inevitability of having your cushy cloud of university education pulled from beneath you.  Although filled with an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness, not knowing what the future holds for you, you maintain an agenda, armed with a list of careers you can and can’t see yourself doing.  Admittedly for me, recruitment was one of those I couldn’t see myself doing, alongside my naïve understanding of the ins and outs of the job, it just didn’t tickle my fancy.

RecruitmentIt was only after a conversation with a friend over a beer after a cricket game that I reconsidered.  Working in recruitment himself, he was quick to dangle the bait and offered me a ‘recruitment taster’ which I couldn’t turn down.  That and the promise of fast cars and big watches! Three weeks later, here I am.  Although I came into the job with unknown expectations, I am very much enjoying the challenge.  Currently working with a multibillion USD giant in the electronics industry, I have well and truly been thrown into the deep end; liaising with corporate VPs across the Atlantic and potential candidates in Germany is all in a day’s work as we help the company hire a brand new sales team to handle their central European operations.  It’s a fast paced, competitive environment that requires a lot of people skills, sales (which I hadn’t envisioned on joining), and above all time management.

All in all, recruitment is certainly challenging, but in the end highly rewarding.



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