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16 December 2014

Why taking a project abroad could be a good idea…

Sukhi Kang

Sukhi Kang

Sick of London? Sick of drizzle? Sick of commuting? Sick of spending your mornings pressed up against a stranger’s armpit?

Sounds like you need a break.

Whilst your mind might instantly wander to long holidays in far flung places, your pocket might be advising you otherwise. If you haven’t before – now might be a good time to think about taking a contract overseas, where you can enjoy the thrill of discovering a new destination whilst earning – instead of spending – money.

There are plenty of companies in Europe and further afield in need of UX talent. Whether you’re a UX or UI designer, researcher, tester, or a product manager – at any one point there are hundreds of firms crying out for your specific UX talent.

Half of the fun of contracting is meeting new people and teams, and what could be better than working your way across the world and experiencing different design cultures?

And, depending on where you choose to work, you could be making a very decent sum of money in a short space of time – enough to cover your travel, expenses and more!

If the idea of travelling is just as exciting to you as getting your hands dirty on an exciting, new project, get in touch with IC Creative to find out whether you could be a good match for any of their overseas UX contracts.

Next week, we’ll be discussing the practicalities of preparing for a UX spell abroad.

Please contact Sukhi Kang or Chris Bryan

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