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1 July 2019


Mary Buzzing

Mary Buzzing

Office Manager

Hailing originally from Dublin, Mary has (too) many years of office and project management experience…


Last week, the IC Resources team went off to Sitges in the south of Spain for our bi-annual company meeting. We’ve seen some great results this year, but it wasn’t just the best performers who packed their cases. So, we left the office behind and every single last team member, including the newest recruits and the marketing team. In fact, everyone who contributes to making the company a success, got on that plane.

You see, we work as a team. The team loses, we all do. The team succeeds, we’re all winners. Unlike many recruitment companies or sales businesses where only the top performers jet off on incentive-loaded escapes at the business’ expense, we believe that a team ethos is the foundation of our success story.

It isn’t just twice a year either. The team spirit ethos is something we build into our everyday. Whether it’s involvement in the office-wide annual table tennis tournament, or Friday lunchtimes when we all get to catch up over lunch at our local.

It even spills over into the way we work. We encourage our consultants to find roles and find candidates in different disciplines, referring them to colleagues best suited to managing those candidates or roles. This enables us to find the best candidates for our vacancies. It also means that each candidate works with the most knowledgeable consultant in their industry or type of role and each business can tap into the best knowledge and experience we can offer.

But why do we place so much importance on teamwork?

There’s an old adage that, ‘behind every successful man is a smart woman’. We don’t really go in for stereotypical broad-brush statements, but this one may have some element of truth to it. Of course, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or a woman. The point is that those who are successful are successful, in large, because of the team around them. We all know that time is tight, and we can only learn and retain so much information at any one time. The solution?  Surround yourself with a team of bright people. Branson did it. Gates did it. Jobs did it. And we do it.

You see, if each individual is knowledgeable about their thing, together, a team can have a broader and deeper knowledge than one person alone.

This means that, by working together, we provide candidates and clients with a better service. We source the very best talent and pass skills or candidates between consultants so each candidate gets considered for the roles that are right for them, whoever is managing the client. Each consultant is free to do their very best work and to spend their time and effort growing their existing knowledge, rather than developing a low-level knowledge across many different areas.

By working as a team, we free our consultants from the fear of losing their candidates to others within their business.  

By rewarding the entire team, we deliver better results for our candidates and our clients and we create a more enjoyable working environment and more inspired, engaged mindset for everyone at IC Resources.

To discuss this further for any other hiring advice, please contact me or call on +44 118 988 1150.

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