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10 March 2015

Travel update from Ye Su

Ye Su

Ye Su

Recruitment Manager (Asia-Pac)

Ye graduated with a business master's degree from the University of Birmingham. He made a…

I’m at Hong Kong airport waiting for a flight to Taiwan and I’d just like to share some thoughts regarding my current travels in Asia. After a couple of hiccups our office in Shenzhen is up and running, our clients really value the real-time local contact. It is also clear from my client meetings that the semiconductor industry continues to be of huge strategic significance to the Chinese government. Over the last 4 years, they have invested $25 billion into the Chinese semiconductor industry, with companies like Hisilicon emerging and taking business away from their international competitors.

Since my last trip it is also really noticeable that everyone is talking about wearable technology, with all the local major electronic manufacturers entering the market. The launch of the Apple iWatch would seem to have already changed the dynamics of the marketplace, with their style, range and applications. I also heard from my colleagues who attended MWC, that wearable products were extensively on display and style is now just as important as functionality, so will this be a key contributor to the growth of the semiconductor industry?

What is also encouraging from my discussions are plans from a number of our clients to continue their growth in the region – I think it is clear that everyone sees the growth potential within Asia and we should be in an ideal position to support our clients with this expansion.

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Anyway, off to Taipei now, for a whirlwind 72 hour trip…..

YE SU (Cyril)


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