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15 January 2015

War for Talent 2015

Adel Eisa

Adel Eisa

Sales Director

After graduating from Bath University with a BSc/MEng, Adel started life as a design engineer…

2014 saw a change in the employment marketplace. Positive economic data gave employees the confidence to consider new roles, where previously there was some concern of being “last in, first out”. In addition positive book to bill ratios, increasing investment and demand have also led our clients to hire more staff. The combination of these two factors has led to an increasingly buoyant marketplace which is expected to continue in 2015.

2015 will be a candidate driven marketplace, many sectors, not just electronics/semiconductors are suffering from a lack of skilled candidates. Companies want candidates with specific skills, ready to start a job immediately. They want candidates who require minimal hand-holding and add value immediately.

However, smart companies value employees with these skills, golden handcuffs come in various forms so how do you attract these candidates and ensure that when you engage with candidates that you secure them quickly and efficiently? These are all questions for debate but here are some key points to consider:

  • Most candidates are generally looking to move for a new challenge, increased responsibility, career growth and not to move into the same role but with a different company hat and higher salary
  • Long, drawn out recruitment processes significantly increase the risk of losing candidates in such a competitive marketplace and there are counteroffers to consider
  • You need to be prepared to interview a smaller pool of candidates, finding multiple options with specific skills is an unrealistic expectation of your recruitment partner in this challenging environment
  • The best candidates will not be actively looking, you will need to liaise closely with your recruitment partners in selling a vision and a culture to encourage them to engage

On a different note, it’s been interesting talking to my clients who have just come back from CES and there are some mixed opinions. The same topics that were discussed last year at CES, MWC and Electronica are still dominating the landscape- IoT/M2M, Connected Car and Wearables- but what are the other game-changers? And how important are these markets for semiconductors.

Plenty to ponder as we enter 2015.  Any thoughts appreciated – please do email me.

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